Monday, June 20, 2011

On Adoption

I have known from the time that I was about six, that when I grew up, I was going to adopt. God pricked my heart for His children that need an Earthly parent to show them the love of their Heavenly Father. I pray for the mothers of those children. I pray that they know the Savior that I know. I pray that God blesses them. Honestly, sometimes I just don't know what to pray. Adoption is not always pretty. I know that the circumstances surrounding that precious one being given up for adoption will not be pretty. But I do know that my heart is simply broken for those babies and their biological mothers.

On father's day I heard an incredible sermon that touched quite a bit on adoption. God's heart breaks for those children who are not in forever homes. Our hearts need to be broken for the things that break His.

A blogger that I greatly admire shared some interesting articles that I wanted to pass on(along with a few others):

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feeding the Spirit

I am incredibly blessed to be a team member of a ministry that is based in my hometown and was started by two of my former youth directors. In our weekly meeting last night one of the directors, Jen, told us about how Saturday night God directed her to make two lists. One list was of things that fed her flesh. The other was a list of things that fed her spirit. She shared how God showed her that the things that fed her spirit were often the exact opposite of what fed her flesh(ex. Confession feeds the spirit where as excuses feed the flesh.). She asked that we take a few minutes spend time in prayer asking God to show us what feeds our flesh and what feeds are spirits.

Even before I began to pray, God started to reveal things to me. Like Jen, I noticed that the things that fed my flesh were often in direct contrast to what fed my spirit. Buying things feeds my flesh. Learning to be content with what I have feeds my spirit. Spending time in prayer, even when its difficult, feeds my spirit. Watching television and browsing the internet feeds my flesh. Reading fun fiction novels feeds my flesh. Reading God's word and books that help me grow spiritually feed my spirit.

After we spent time in prayer asking God to reveal these things to us, Jen made an excellent point. She encouraged us to then go about making the things of the spirit stronger and the things of the spirit weaker. This takes time. I may have a few good days when I spent more time in prayer and reading God's word than I do watching House Hunter's and the Bachelorrete, but that does not mean that I can give up and focus on other things. Sanctification is a life-long process.

Paul says this in Philippians 1:5, "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you[and me] will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." God is ever faithful to us. He does not give up on us. It is so important that we be willing to go the distance with Him.

What feeds your spirit? Your flesh?


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dearest blog community(all three of you..hi mom!),

You have been very lonely I'm sure. I promise that I have not forsaken you and given up on my little bloggy home...I have simply been overwhelmed by reality of late. I get up early and go to bed late. I study. I work. I volunteer. I occasionally sleep. There has simply been no time to sit and type a message to you all. Have no fear though, school is almost out for the summer(Praise the Lord!) at which time I will resume(hopefully) a more regular blog posting schedule. Thank you for you patience, and support.

Love dearly,