Thursday, May 19, 2011


You may remember a few months ago when I told you about a few of my favorite things. I introduced you to a mouse that I absolutely loved. For years I have been searching for hair products that make my hair soft and shiny, but also give my curls definition and hold. Not an easy task. Curly hair is super tricky. Then I found this stuff and fell in love. It gave me everything I had been looking for. I had found perfection.

And then I was introduced to this stuff.

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A customer came into my store last weekend and had Gorgeous hair. Seriously, beautiful. I asked her what she used and that is how I met my little friend. I was a little nervous when I heard it was a gel. I haven't used gels for years because they always left my hair kinda...crunchy. Not a good look.
This gel, however, is in a spray form and is super lightweight. It leaves my hair soft and shiny, but gives me great hold and definition. Seriously magical.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Becoming a victim

Back in the day, it was the cool thing in my junior high to read the Christy Miller book series. The series followed a group of friends, focused on two particular characters, from high school through college and ending at their wedding day. They were a bit, shall I say...corny, but the theology in them was absolutely fantastic. Recently I found a spin off series and may or may not have read the entire three days. That good, y'all.

One concept that was discussed often in the book was the idea of being a victim of grace. Rather than being a "victim" in the traditional sense, you choose instead to be a victim of the grace God has given you. This means that you grant forgiveness where its needed. This means that you do not always win, even when you think you should. This means that you embrace I Corinthians 15:10,"By the grace of God I am what I am..."

I am trying to embrace this idea of being a victim of grace. It takes the weight off of my shoulders, because as I become of a victim of grace I let go of the things that I have held onto.

What do you think of the idea of becoming a victim of grace?


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On my lack of patriotism and judging others

I have the misfortunate  condition in which I possess to ability to keep my mouth shut when I ought to. This has led to a few comments via twitter and facebook(bless their hearts) that I 1. do not possess a patriotic spirit and 2. am judgemental. I'm incredibly offended by number, and I would probably agree with number 2. I'm a blogger, however, which means that I get to defend myself.

I am not unpatriotic. My father is a member of the United States Marine Corps. I could not be more proud of him and more grateful of his service. The same is true of all of our service men and women. It is because of their service that I have the ability to own a blog where I get to say this.
In the wake of the recent killing of an evil Man, Osama Bin Laden, I am once again in awe of the Navy Seals who risked their lives to bring that man to justice. I firmly believe that we should celebrate and rejoice in the fact that the justice system worked beautifully. I also think we should be incredibly proud of the way that those who were given the task of bringing him to justice did so not with vengeance, but with dignity. I am incredibly proud to be an American always, and most especially during times such as this.

Now that we've cleared that up, I am also a bit more than disgusted at the way that some have chosen to show their patriotism. Minutes after the death of Bin Laden was announced, someone created a fake twitter account pretending to be Bin Laden 'tweeting from hell.' I'm sorry, this is not patriotic nor is in any way humorous. Be that as it may, whoever created the account has the right to express their freedom of speech anyway they chose. I did not so much have a problem with the person who created the account as I did with the number of Christian's who followed them and then retweeted what they were posting.

As a Believer, I do not rejoice in the death of another human being. Here's the crazy thing, no matter how evil Bin Laden was(and he was) and no matter how senseless his killings were(and they were), Jesus died for him just as much as he died for me. If the Bible is to be believed(and it is) than I have no right to think I am better than he is. I just accepted the salvation of Jesus Christ, where as he wholeheartedly rejected it.
Believe me, I get that this is uncomfortable to think about. I don't like to think that Jesus died for Hitler and Bin Laden and every other evil person to walk the face of the earth, but He did. I can no more deny what the gospel tells me than I can deny the very existence of Jesus Himself.

Please don't think that I disagree with the killing of this evil man. The Bible clearly states that God Himself gave authority to our governmental leaders and they then have the authority to bring those who do evil to justice. My heart rejoices for those who lost loved ones on 9/11. I'm so grateful that their prayers(and my prayers) for justice were not in vain. I celebrate that justice was served. I celebrate the victory of our service men and woman. I celebrate that God protected their lives.

Please share your thoughts on these events. Remember that any comments deemed inappropriate will be deleted.