Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Last Six Months.....

I feel I must apologize to those who have been faithful to readers of this blog....because there has been nothing to read!! I have been in a crazy phase of life and have simply not had the time...or the energy... to keep up with the blog. Please forgive me! To give a brief, but concise, update on the last six months of my life, here is part of a letter I recently sent out to my friends and family:
"By nature, I am a planner. I like schedules. I like spread sheets. I end each day by making a checklist for the next. So, you can only imagine my shock and surprise when the Lord placed a calling on my life that did not fit into my carefully orchestrated plans.

After graduating high school I began attending a local community college to get my general education classes and was scheduled to transfer to Liberty University in January of 2012. During the spring and early summer of 2011, as I was preparing for this transfer, something in my spirit began to feel…uneasy. I felt like I had only seen part of what the Lord plans for me were. There was something else for me, and I was missing it.

During the second week of July, I took a position as the Junior High Girl’s counselor at a local church camp.   Towards the end of the week this unease that had been plaguing me for the past few months had reached its peak. In a moment of spiritual desperation I prayed the prayer I had always been afraid of: “Lord, I will go where You want and do what You want. Just tell me what it is!”

A week later I was in a leader meeting for a local house of prayer and we were so blessed to have Lauren and Andy visiting from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. They gave an update about what the Lord was doing in their family and what their role at IHOP was. As they were sharing about their role with the IHOP interns I heard the Lord speak to me so clearly it was as if He was standing right next to me. Much to my surprise that voice within my spirit that I had been hearing for so long said, “Go.”

This was not part of the plan. I of course had nothing against IHOP, but never imagined that the Lord would ever call me there. After that initial calling, followed much prayer and counsel from wise mentors and the support of my family, I know that the Lord is calling me to complete a six month internship with the International House of Prayer. I will be completing the Intro to IHOP-KC internship which focuses on IHOPs values, ministries and structures, as well as gives training on how to succeed long term as an intercessory missionary.
 Because of Him,
I am going to IHOP!!! I could not be more thrilled, or more shocked, by where the Lord is leading me. Hopefully over the next few days[weeks], I will get a chance to describe for you in greater detail what this journey has been like. Check back for updates!


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