Thursday, March 10, 2011


A few weeks ago I took a teeny tiny road trip to visit my cousin Melissa and attend a book signing for one of my favorite bloggers, The Pioneer Woman. My cousin is a fantastic mom to a beautiful little girl, Mia. She adopted Mia about four years ago and could not love her more. She has such a heart for adoption(me too!) and is also a foster parent. About a week before the book signing, Melissa received a new foster daughter, we will call her baby B.

I knew that she was bring both babies to the book signing so I went to Target and put together little gift boxes for them so that they would have something to do while waiting in line. Baby B seemed to take to me quite quickly. She never wanted to be put down! Coincidentally , I took to her as well, so I had no problem holding the little cutie the whole night.

After the signing Melissa and I each picked up a baby and headed across the shopping center to Starbucks. We grabbed some coffee for us and milk boxes for the babies and sat down for a nice long chat. The girls were fantastic. I had worn a lot of bracelets that day and the girls had some much fun playing with them and just climbing all over Melissa and I.

Eventually though, poor Baby B just got tuckered out and climbed up in my lap where she promptly fell asleep. I wrapped her up in my favorite black sweater that I had worn that night and she just snuggled in for a nap.

About 30 minutes into her nap, Baby B woke up and look around for a minute...and promptly started puking. All.Over. She must have thrown up for a good minute. Ewww

Now, Emma, bless her heart, has puked, pooped, peed, ect. on me more times than I can count so I wasn't too freaked out by Baby B's puke. Poor Melissa though, was blessed with a child who just doesn't puke like this. We rushed to the bathroom where we got Baby B and myself cleaned up(sorta) and then headed out to the cars.

Thankfully, Melissa only had about a 15 minute drive. I, on the other hand, had about an hour drive. Ewww I remembered that I had a bag of Goodwill bound clothes in my backseat so I grabbed a sweater and did a quick change in my car.

Baby B is doing much better now and I think Melissa has recovered as well[Love you Melissa! ;)]. Kid's have the best timing don't they?


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