Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Tuesday morning list...

1. This past weekend I spent the weekend in upstate New York with the youth group I work with at Snow Camp.

2. Upstate New York is very far away.

3. They also get lots of snow. Lots and lots.

4. A few weeks ago I cut my hair very short. Its finally getting long enough to leave it curly, rather than straightening it everyday. Yay!

5. #4 was pretty pointless.

6. I have a five page paper due tomorrow. I have yet to start it.

7. Spring break is just two weeks away. Why is it the last few weeks before spring/Christmas/summer break are always the busiest???

8. I desperately need a pedicure. Seriously, my poor neglected toes....

9. I still think that October is the craziest month of the year, but I have to admit that March is giving October a run for its money.

10. I'm making a list today, because I just don't have the energy to construct an actual blog post, sorry. Thanks for reading my list!

11. Sara Evans' new album comes out today. I am a HUGE Sara Evans fan. Its a good day....

12. I got some great news the other day... I was accepted to Liberty University! I had received an email telling me this about a week ago, but there's something about getting the letter in the mail, I may or may not have cried... ;)

13. I am almost out of coffee, this is a tragedy.

14. #13 was pointless, but it's my blog so I can post pointless things.

15. I really love that you took the time to read this randomness. Thank you!

Happy Tuesday,


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