Monday, December 6, 2010

Comfy Day

It has been snowing for three days here in my little Ohio town and everything is still in the 'magical' stage. You know that time when the snow is still fresh and clean looking? Its a beautiful pristine white blanket that makes everything look like a movie. I love this time. In a few days all of that gorgeous white snow will become brown and yellow*ahem* and just kind of yucky looking, so I"m really enjoying the beauty of it now.

Speaking of enjoying, I have a much desired Monday off today. Can anyone else hear angles singing or is that just me? ;) Don't think I'll be staying home sleeping all day though(ok so I slept til 8:45, a girls entitled to a little rest,right?). Today is all about getting some Christmas stuff done. I've decided to make quite a few of my gifts this year, so I'll primarily be working on those. but then I'm also getting the house ready decorate. I'm not gonna lie, I love it when our house looks like the North Pole blew up and landed in our living room. I'm one of 'those people'. And I make no apologies. My mom and I went shopping this morning and got all kinds of cute things for the bathroom and tonight we'll be decorating our tree. Even if our hearts aren't feeling very Christmacy this year, it doesn't mean that our house can't look like it.

Honestly, I just plan on resting today. I haven't gotten to do that a lot lately and I could use a day when I don't get out of my pj's(I do have my Bible study Christmas party, so I suppose I'll have to get dressed at some point...). These last few weeks have been tough and I need a day to drink lots of coffee and just be home.

What are you plans for today?


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