Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On my nightstand

Last January I had the opportunity to do an internship with a local church. During my there I got to talk with many different people and 'pick their brians'(if you will) about how to be successful in life, faith, ministry, relationships, ect. The one thread that all of their advice contained: read. Every single person emphasized the importance of reading and growing and never being satisfied with where you are. Always striving to know more. Since then I've tried to make it a point to read about a book a month. Not a fiction book for fun, but a book that will challenge me in some area of my life; usually spiritually. A few of the books that are currently sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read are....

1. God Came Near by Max Lucado: I'm actually currently reading and really enjoying this book. Max Lucado is such a brilliant story teller. This book really shows you the stark reality of what Jesus did, not only by dying on the cross, but by coming to Earth in human form in the first place.

2. One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven by Mark Cahill: My friend Caleb, who is also the youth director of the youth group I volunteer with, gave me a copy of this book last week. Caleb and I have been friends for a few years and I know enough about him to know that this book must have impacted him greatly for him to not just recommend it, but to buy a copy and give to me. Really looking forward to reading this after the new year....

3. Discipleship Counseling by Dr. Neil T. Anderson: I took a class about prayer two summers ago and this is one of the books I was suppose to *ahem* read during the course of the 21 week class. I never read it. But, I think might. One of my majors is psychology with a specialization in Christian counseling and I feel that this book would be a good way to expand my knowledge of the subject. Its a whopper though, I might give myself a few months to read this one.

4. Baby Proof by Emily Giffin: This one if for me. I love Emily Giffin. She's funny and charming and realistic. I picked this book up at Half Priced Books(my favorite place) several months ago, brought it home, shoved it in my book drawer(yes, drawer), and promptly forgot about it. I just found it early tonight. Maybe I will read it while I'm on vacation in a few weeks....

So, there's my book list. What's on yours?


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