Thursday, February 3, 2011

Date Night: The Christmas Gala

When you have nothing to blog about, consult twitter. My friend Jared suggested I tell you about our one and only date. Enjoy!

In high school, we didn't have a school paper. We had a school magazine. And in my high school, the magazine staff didn't have a Christmas party. We had a Christmas Gala. My senior year in high school was my one and only year as a member of the magazine staff. Therefore, this was also my only year to attend the gala. As a rule, everyone had to bring a date. I brought my friend Jared, he writes a blog now which you can read here.

This is Jared and I at my graduation. No pictures from the night of the Gala....

The day of the Gala was my first day at a new job. I got off of work at 6ish and had to be at the Gala by about 7:30. After rushing home from work and quickly changing into a lovely black dress(lbd), I jumped back in the car and went to pick up my date. Now, normally I would be very against picking up my date, especially on the first date, it was high school and he didn't have his license. And now that I think about it I actually also picked up the date of another member of the magazine staff as well....

So, I picked up the boys and headed over to the Editors house for the gala. We didn't really realize that she lived as close to Jared as she did, about five minutes....we had given ourselves 30. Rather than be unfashionably early...we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.

We arrived promptly at 7:05 and the gala began. After a tour of the house and some wonderful horderves, the annual white elephant gift exchange commenced. I think I ended up with a gospel tape, that didn't work(thanks,Jared). We then had a ginger bread men decorating contest. Sadly, we didn't win, but had a fantastic story.

All around it was a lovely evening!...Until I got home and stumbled in my too tall, but oh so cute shoes and tore a muscle in my back and missed the next three days of school. Worth it.


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