Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Ice Baby and A Game!

I've been stuck inside for 3 days. You know that big storm that everyone has been freaking out about? Yeah, it visited my neighborhood a few days ago. We have approx. 3/4in. of ice on the ground and no power(without the help of a generator).  Therefore, I have nothing to blog about. So I stalked facebook for inspiration and this is what I found. The alphabet game! You write the first thing you think about each of the following topics. Enjoy!
- Age: 19 or 25
- Annoyance: people who don't answer texts, emails, ect.
- Available?: yes
- Birthday: June 21
-Body part on opposite sex: Smile.
- Best feeling in the world: contentment.
- Best weather: sunny, 55 degrees(ish), mid-April
- Been on stage?: yes, but not in the last 7 years
- Believe in magic: why would i need magic when my God performs miracles???
- Believe in Santa: Why wouldn't I believe in Santa?

- Candy: yes please.
- Color: green and yellow and peach and lilac
- Chocolate/Vanilla: swirl
- Chinese/Mexican: Mexican!
- Cake or pie: cake!
- Continent/Country to visit: Ireland!
- Cheese: I love it, but I'm lactose intolerant so....

- Day or Night: depends
- Dance in the rain?: With whom?

- Eggs: scrambled dry with salt/pepper and hot sauce
- Eyes: blue
- Everyone's got: a nose
- Ever failed a class? No. A 'D' is passing.

- Full name: hannah marie 
- First thoughts waking up: five more minutes...
- Food: i'm a big fan

- Greatest fear: having to go on the Bachelor to get married
- Goals: Graduate college, buy a house, never own a cat.
- Gum: i'm addicted
- Get along with your parents: yes

- Hair color: Reddish brownish
- Height: 5'1.5ish
- Happy: most of the time
- Holiday: christmas
- How do you want to die: Worst.Question.Ever.

- Ice cream: Lactose intolerant....
- Instrument: I played the violin in elementary.
- Jewelry: addicted.
- Job: to many to count!

- Kids: I would love some
- Kickboxing or karate: shuffle board.

- Longest car ride: 16 hours.
- Love: Dunkin Donuts coffee
- Letter: j?
- Laughed so hard you cried: Reading

- Milk flavor: almond
- Movies: Sense and Sensibility
- Motion sickness?: Yes! Awful!
- McD’s or BK: wendy's

- Number of siblings: 2
- Number of piercings: 3
- Number: 37

- One wish: A coffee pot that makes my coffee and brings it to me in the morning.

- Perfect pizza: green peppers and mushrooms.
- Pepsi/Coke: dr. pepper

- Quail: no

- Reason to cry: when i'm tired.
- Reality T.V.:  The Bachelor
- Radio station:depends
- Roll your tongue in a circle: no

- Song: Christ is Risen
- Shoe size: 9-9.5
- Salad dressing: Ceasar
- Sushi: It ok.
- Skipped school: yes
- Slept outside: in a tent 
- Shower daily?: 90% of the time.
- Sing well?: haha
- In the shower?: every now and again 
- Strawberries/Blueberries: both
-Sarcasm: .......Hi I'm Hannah I don't believe we've met.

- Time for bed?: 11:30
- Thunderstorms: I sleep great in them
-Tattoos: Not yet....
- Unpredictable: youth ministry.
- Vacation spot: somewhere quiet.

- Weakness: a good book
- Worst feeling: guilt.
- Wanted to be a model? not really
- Worst weather?: raining when i don't want it to

- X-rays: i have had a few
- Ex's: no thankfully

- Year it is now: 2011
- Yellow: is lovely

- Zoo animal: Manatees

Now you do it! if you're bored and want to waste an hour that is.

*Correction: There is approx. 3in. of ice on the ground in some parts of my town. Seriously, people are playing hockey in the middle of the street. Ice hockey! I'm going to get a blanket....

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