Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Try not to kill our dog, kthanks.

Last week I had the pleasure of house sitting for a couple at my church. They were going out of town for the week and wanted someone to be at home with their elderly dog. Lucy is 14 years old(about 90 in human years) and is no longer able to go to a boarding house because of some minor health issue. So I got to spend the week with Lucy.

Before Tim and Donna went out of town I met with them to get to know Lucy a little better, pick up keys, ect. They did me a huge favor by typing out a paper with directions on when and how to administer Lucy's medication, how and when she is fed, who to contact in an emergency, ect.

At the bottom of the typed paper I saw this lovely little line:

"Please remember that Lucy is very old. You are here as a comfort to her. Please do not feel bad if she does die while we are away."

Um, excuse me. If I am watching your dog, and she dies, no matter how old or ill....I AM GOING TO FEEL BAD! I do, however, appreciate that they are realistic that Lucy is in the last years of her life.

Thankfully, Lucy and I made it through the week with our lives in tact, and we became good buddies to boot.


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