Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The place of prayer, not pancakes....

Do ya'll remember that one time when I was moving to Kansas City right after Christmas? 
That was fun right? 
Except, it didn't happen.
Sometimes, I mess up. 
This doesn't make God any less God, it simply makes me, well human.
And humans, well, we're just dust when you think about it.
Thankfully, I serve a gracious and compassionate God who is generous enough to help me get my head on straight when I mess things up.
So, instead of moving right after Christmas, I moved right before Easter. 
I have a cute little apartment in a cute little town right outside of Kansas City.
To say that i love it would be, well, the understatement of the century. Grin. 

Whenever someone asks me how my time at IHOP is going the only response I have is this:
I am not sure who I thought Jesus was before I came here,
but I like the one I've met in the last eight weeks much more.
Because, here's the thing: He[Jesus] likes me a lot more than I thought He did.
He enjoys me.
He delights in me.
He loves me dearly.
You too. 

So what am I doing all day in this crazy place? 
Well, praying. Grin.
In all seriousness I do spend just about 25 hours each week in the IHOP prayer room.
A place that has been engaging in 24/7 prayer since 1999.
During these 25 hours, I have been changed. 
I have been molded.
I have been broken.
I have been put back together. 
God is good.

When I am not in the prayer room, I am usually in classes at IHOPU.
These cover a range of topics from Revelation to fasting to how to successfully live this lifestyle in the long term. 

I also participate in serve through out the IHOP mission base during the week. 
I help teach a class of kindergarteners on Sundays.
They are just as sweet as could be. 
During conference weekend[IHOP has a lot of conferences] I often help by serving in the children's classes or ushering.
You could say I have been just a little bit busy.... 

Aside from the personal work the Lord has been doing in me, 
I have also had the great pleasure of meeting some of the finest people I have ever met.
People who love the Lord and love His children. 
People who encourage me and have helped me pick up some of those broken pieces of myself. 

I will walk away from this internship with[at the very least] the knowledge of who God truly is.
I will go home, but will never be the same. 
We are called to so much more than a Sunday morning church service.
We are called to a life of radical relationship with the Creator of the universe. 

Because of Him,

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