Monday, October 18, 2010

Christmas 2010

Some people have Christmas in July. My family has Christmas in October. My grandparents spend about half of the year in Florida which means they miss almost every holiday. To make up we celebrate Halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas in October. This year was really fun.

We had an enormous dinner, courtesy of my Grandmother and Momma and I was again reminded of why I love my family.

My beautiful grammy.Notice the pumpkins on her shirt in honor of Halloween.

After the dishes had been cleaned up we all took our places in the family room to open Christmas presents. My grandparents are incredibly thoughtful with their gifts and its always really fun to see what the picked out. Best gift of the night: a pair of monkeys that sing a Sunny and Cher song. I.Love.My.Family

We're a spoiled bunch!

My favorite would have to be two place settings of Fiesta dinner wear for my hopeless chest(we don't have 'hope chests' in our family we have 'hopeless chests.')  The funny part about this particular gift: Everyone in my family got my grandmother a Fiesta place setting this year, and she got me the same color that I got her. So when i opened the present I thought I had mistakenly opened my gift to her.

My uncle Kim and youngest 2nd cousin, Tanner. Its hard work opening all those presents.

Thanks Grammy and Grandpa for such a wonderful Halloween/Thanksgiving/ Christmas!

Merry Christmas,

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