Monday, October 11, 2010

Making the Connections

I have been incredibly blessed over the last three years to be a member of an all women's Bible study at my church. There are women from all ages and several different churches who come together to just seek the Lord. We have tended to do studies written by a popular women's Bible study author, but this year we decided to do a study by a pastor named Henry Blackaby. The study is entitled "Experiencing God" and focuses on experiencing God in every aspect of your life.

Today in the lesson I was doing it talked about how when we ask God to show us where He is at work around us, we should then look for His answer to our prayers in our lives. God answers prayers. There is no question there, but how often do we actually then take a step back and look for the answers to those prayers. In the study, Mr. Blackaby gave the example of the executive of a company who asked God why he had been placed in such a high position within this particular company. God then started bringing him hurting people within his office. One man came and shared some family troubles, another starting asking spiritual questions. This man then realized that this was God's answer to his prayer. He made the connection between his prayers and the answers in his daily life.

I cannot begin to share the number of times I have gone to God in prayer over something and after praying about it, I went and tried to solve the problem myself. I feel like God just looks at me with a confused look on His face during these times. I'm certain He's thinking, "Well, why did she come to me if she thought she knew the answer already?"

I am not God. Neither are you. When we go to God in prayer, we can know, without a shadow of a doubt, that He will answer it. He might not answer it on our timetable, but He will answer it. Abraham had to wait 25 years for the son God promised him, but God did fulfill His promise to Abraham.

My encouragement to you today is to submit your requests to God and then wait patiently for His response. He will not disappoint.


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