Friday, October 15, 2010

Date Night Numero Uno: I went out with a Fairy

I have two dates this week and will be sharing the highlights of both here. Look for date number two on Sunday.
Have you ever eaten in a public place? with a child? by yourself? It's exhausting.

My thoughts exactly, Emma.
I decided to take Emma out for little date night, because who wouldn't want to take a three year old to a restaurant? When I arrived to pick her up she was, I kid you not, in a fairy costume. I forgot to take a picture of her whole outfit, but it was so cute. A pink fairy costume(complete with wings), pink turtleneck, pink tights, and white sparkly shoes. Adorable.

We went to Bob Evans and had a really fun time. Emma of course enjoyed her coloring book while we awaited our "cancakes". Please stop for a moment and notice how she has her tongue between her teeth. Such serious business, coloring is.

After dinner I decided to take emma by my work to show her off  take emma shopping for a few things. We had a splendid time. My little fashionista got a cute little fleece pullover and I got some comfy tees to sleep in. It was an all around pleasent evening....until Emma started crying on the way home because she wanted to sleep at my house. Poor thing was sooo tuckered out. I have to say though, I do it again in a heartbeat.

See you Sunday for date night number two!


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  1. THIS WAS SO PRECIOUS, i love love LOVE the blog :)