Sunday, January 9, 2011

On Singleness

I had the rare pleasure of sitting down with a friend from high school and having breakfast this morning. We talked for probably two hours. A huge focus of our conversation was singleness. My friend is not single, she has been in a great relationship for about five years with an awesome guy. I, on the other hand, am single. We talked a lot about why otherwise attractive, successful, smart, funny, responsible, ect. women are still single well after the traditional age when most would be married. We asked ourselves, if God says He will give us the desires of hearts and the desire of heart is to be with someone, then why aren't we?

I don't know if there are any easy answers to these questions. I think that this is just one of those situations when God says to us,"Just trust me on this one." Some of us do and some of us go on The Bachelor. The older I get, though, the more I wonder, "If I want to be a woman who passionately follows after God's heart and does Kingdom work in this world, will I be 40 and still single?" I know so many woman who are in this situation. They have committed themselves to following God and are doing so...alone.

I think that God puts us into seasons of singleness for many reason. One of the reasons for me is, I have to be completely okay with just God. I have to be content to live the rest of my life, just the two of us, before I can have a the type of relationship that glorifies God. Honestly, I'm not there. I wish I was. I'm closer than I was last month, but still I fall short of contentment.

This I know for sure though: God loves me. He loves spending time with me. He enjoys our mornings together just as much, if not more, than I do. So, I know I will get there. A day will come when I will be able to wake up and not long for anyone other than my ultimate Bridegroom. How I look forward to that day.

When I begin to get discouraged I remember this, "God is incapable of wasting our time."-Beth Moore. God doesn't waste time with us. He uses every second of every season to our advantage. So this season of singleness is not a time of waiting, but rather a time of growth. Its a time for God to continue to mold me into a woman after His heart.


A great fictional book on singleness is "Never the Bride." It's a beautiful portrait of how God loves us.

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